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  • Order

    Once you have developed your own individualized Sealed Watch, you can procced to the check out and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your order. A detailed order form will be sent to us right after your order is made.


    Based on your selection, the parts of your watch
    are collected and prepared accordingly. Your Sealed Watch is ready to be made.


    We will pick the right color of high grade seal wax and heat it to the appropriate temperature and time.


    Once the wax has been malted in suitable condi-
    tions, it will be dripped on the dial .and we will use a seal with a specific pattern and stamp it on the wax. Waiting a while to let the wax formed.


    The dial, hands, strap and movment are assembled
    by hand with care and passion. The assembled watch is checked for qua-
    lity and functionability.

  • Packaging

    After the final inspection, the watch is placed in a box on top of a EVA foam for good protection.


    The complete and well wrapped package will be shipped to the destination specified by your order. When the order has been shipped, you will receive an order confirmation email which includes a tracking number.